How Much does it Cost?

The easiest way to see the exact cost of your loan is to apply. Once approved we can send you a contract with multiple options on how you can repay your loan and you can choose the easiest option for you. That way, there is nothing hidden, no surprises, no catches, no worries!

A Cigno loan’s cost is broken down in to 2 components. The lender (GSSF) and the service provider (Cigno).

As a reference, below is a breakdown of what it might cost you, for more information click here to see our Disclosures and Authorisations

Lender Fee’s (GSSF):

Fixed 5% of your loan principal amount.

Service Fee’s (Cigno):

Financial Supply Fee:

1 payment loan – 35% of loan amount

2 payment loan – 45% of loan amount

3 payment loan – 60% of loan amount

4 payment loan – 75% of loan amount

Account Keeping Fee:

$5.95 per week


Same Day Deposit Fee – $16.00

Priority Transfer Fee – $16.00

Additional Fees:

In the event of your loan deviating from its original contract, additional fees and charges may apply. For more information, please refer to Disclosures and Authorisations